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The OTHEA website ( was established as a result of previous EAN workshops, with the aim of presenting incident reports in the field of radiation protection, intended to be used as a freely-accessible training resource. Members of OTHEA are Public Health England and French CEPN, IRSN, INRS, CORPAR, SFRP and INSTN. Supports is also provided by EAN, SRP and the radiation protection section of the Health Minister of Luxembourg. 

OTHEA incidents are provided by a network of radiation protection stakeholders who have a joint interest in sharing feedback and experience from radiological incidents, in order to improve the protection of persons working with similar radiation sources. More generally, the aim is to encourage good practice within different sectors – sections are devoted to the industrial, medical and veterinary, research and teatching, transportation etc. sectors, and encompass many sub-sections. We urge our readers to participate to the OTHEA/RELIR database if they have the opportunity

The reporting of incidents is made anonymously trough a dedicated questionnaire. Incident displayed have been selected on the basis of those which provide interesting and useful lessons, to help others prevent such incidents and/or mitigate the consequences.

To help to naviguate, the incidents are divided into several categories:




Medical and Veterinary


Research and testing

trans Transportation of radioactive material



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