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At the start of the EAN, feedback experience shows that there were in Europe a need for workshops which are neither a big congress nor a collection of working groups with lots of different meetings, rather meetings which over a few days provide a forum for a few dozen experts to present their experience in plenary session and exchange on their experience and to identify problems that need further research or development in smaller-size working groups. Therefore, the European ALARA Network has adopted - and will continue to adopt - this format for its workshops.

The subject of the workshops have been selected by the EAN Steering Committee based on different elements e.g. is there a need for harmonisation? development of new technology? occurence of incidents and were an opportunity to develop etc. and to cover the areas that may need improvements in terms of ALARA implementation. 

In 2019 already 19 workshops have been organised and it seems appropriate to (a) evaluate the impacts of these workshops and (b) identify needs for future workshops and topics. A specific working group chaired by Mr. F. Kabrt was set up in 2020 to investigate the topic.

Method and results

The first stage of the process involved searches for citations using the internet and databases of publications, however it yielded limited results. It was therefore proposed to evaluate the impacts of the workshops through the assessment of the implementation of their outcomes and not based on citations only. An Evaluation Sheet was developed and it has been proposed to send it to the speakers of all former EAN workshops. The early results were presented at the EAN Steering Group meeting in January 2022 and the final results have been published in July 2022.