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On the 21st June 2006, the first meeting of the new European Radioprotection Authorities Network (ERPAN) took place in Paris. Regulatory authorities from 12 European countries participated in the meeting. This network is open to all regulatory authorities across Europe and participation from new members is welcomed. The Terms and References of the sub-network have been defined as following.

The ERPAN aims to promote communication between national regulatory authorities including the exchange of information, requirements and experiences on the process of authorisation and inspection methods employed in European countries in order to promote the ALARA principle. It also aims to help improve the operational efficiency of radiation control across Europe while recognising the different regulatory systems within the various countries.

Collaboration with the European ALARA Network (EAN)
On an annual basis the network will update and inform the European ALARA Network of its work and through the EAN's Newsletter and web site.

Scope of the network
The network will cover all radiation protection topics relevant to European radiation protection authorities relating mainly to non-nuclear users of ionising radiation such as research, education, medical and industrial application as well as NORM.

The following topics may for instance be addressed:

  • Inspection and investigation practices, joint inspections
  • Training requirements for inspectors
  • Process of authorisation (notification, registration, licensing)
  • Reporting system from users to regulators
  • Regulatory communication with users
  • Intervention issues
  • Communication on radiological events
  • Environmental impacts arising from the uses of ionising radiations

Membership of the network and nomination
All European radiation protection regulatory authorities should be encouraged to participate in the network. Representatives should be nominated by the appropriate regulatory authority within each country. Regulatory authorities should ensure some continuity in their representation.

Duration of the membership

Participation by the representatives of regulatory authorities is entirely voluntary

Roles and responsibilities of the representatives
To express the views of the regulatory authority they represent, to contribute to debate, to prepare for meetings, to undertake specific tasks as required and disseminate information within their own country.

Process for nomination of a chairperson, a deputy and a secretary
The chairperson, its deputy and secretary are elected every two years. These elections take place during meetings of the ERPAN.

Financial consideration
Each participant will cover their own travel and subsistence expenses

Venue and frequency of the meetings
The network will meet approximately once a year at a convenient location. The date and venue for each meeting will usually be chosen to coincide with an European ALARA Network meeting or Workshop.