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You can access here the 43th issue of the European ALARA Network Newsletter. This is a special issue on the challenges on ALARA in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  • The Impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on ALARA - Testimonies from EAN Members:
    • Testimony from Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, Mr. F. Kabrt, Mrs E. Linder-Leschinski.
    • Testimony from Nuclear Protection Evaluation Centre, France, Mr. S. Andresz.
    • Testimony from Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland, Mr. H. Synnott.
    • Testimony from Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Mr. N. Stritt and colleagues.
    • Testimony from Public Health England, Mrs. J. Morgan.
  • A Glimpse on Initiatives taken by several RP-related Organizations during the Covid-19 Pandemic
    • IAEA Webinars: Maintaining the Highest Level of Radiation Protection During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Mr. O. Burcin, Mrs. L. Doicanova, IAEA
    • Other initiatives : SHARE, SRP in United Kingdom, SFRP and EDP Sciences, World Nuclear News.
  • The Radium Action Plan in Switzerland 2015-2022, Mr. N. Stritt, Mrs. M. Palacios and colleagues
  • What's new in EAN? 
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